Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The circle is now complete...

That's it. I'll never have another Star Wars movie to look forward to again. If all the comments the latest film has received are anything to go by, that may not be such a bad thing.

After listening to all my Star Wars weirdo friends, I walked into the cinema last night thinking:

And I must say I wasn't too far off.

While the effects and fight scenes were great and the story itself is still really cool, the quality of the acting and the script were pretty abysmal at times. To say some bits were cheesy is a bit of an understatement... We're talking Vieux Boulogne here (supposedly the world's stinkiest cheese)... Take for instance the already infamous "Hold me" scene... Or the clip where the new mechanised Darth Vader goes "NOOOOO!" after hearing from Darth Sidious that Padme was dead.

Oh well... I'm sure you'll find many other blogs that have far more colourful ways to express their disappointment.

Did anyone else find how the movies are kinda trapped between two totally different eras of film-making a little weird? Most of the screenwipes were reminscent of the originals as was Darth Vader's costume. I guess it's cool in a way, but it's a bit hard in this day and age to imagine someone building anything with a huge red light, a huge green light and a whole bunch of huge rocker switchers on it and putting it on a cyborg's chest. Perhaps if Obi-Wan had just reached out and played with some those switches. He my have just gotten old Vader to reboot or go into "debug" mode or something. Then again, there's a theory that it's actually the lighting control panel for the light technician for KISS.

Having said all that, I'm still a huge Star Wars fan. In my mind, the originals will always rock. The trilogy of prequels though disappointing I guess do set the whole story up. I guess I'll be watching Episodes IV, V and VI this weekend to re-affirm my faith in The Force lest I slip to the "Pink Paisley Side".

The good news is, should you ever do a Star Wars epic movie marathon, you'll be watching the original three movies LAST! WOOHOO! Anyone game?


Blogger Julian said...

That control panel, IMHO, is for his in-built drinks dispenser. After all, a Sith Lord is a busy man. Have you ever seen him taking a coffee break? Always on the go, go, go he is...

As for buttons, red would be Coke lar, purple would be Fanta Grape, and gold would be Heineken. Coffee, you say? Ferget it, man, it's Darth Vader we're talking about here - coffee is for closers only.

Strong he may be in the Force, but Vader still needs regular refreshment like the rest of us...

9:45 AM  
Anonymous jj said...

IMO, the control buttons is used to call takeaway food and to call the emperor to pick him up from work, or to tell him he is sick and can't make it for work today
For geeks who wear the costumes the button is used to call up their mom/dad to pick them up from the cinema (triumph the insult comic dog)

11:16 AM  
Anonymous hwei said...

I can only hope that you fanboy over Hitchhiker's to this degree! otherwise, you know, BELGIUM, MAN, BELGIUM. I think the main thing wrong with Episodes 1-3 were the absence of Han Solo, never mind that he didn't yet exist during most of them.

btw, you have no idea how many times I typed in your dumdumdumdadadum url wrongly! >:E

10:25 PM  

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