Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's all gone pear shaped...


1) It's New Year's Day (OK.. it's 2am on the 2nd of January, but it's still New Year's Day to me because I haven't gone to bed and woken up for the second time this year yet)
2) I have not blogged since May 2006
3) The last comment on my blog was from Julian and I quote: "It's been months, dude.... Time for an update"
4) Julian, Edwin and I are working on the Christmas DVD while keeping our day jobs on the side just in case this gig doesn't fly
5) I think I've put in about 12 good hours, assigning tracks and cleaning up noise from the recording track by track (Had a little giggle when I caught someone let out a barely audible "oh s***" in between scenes).

My PC has decided to pack-up and crap out on me. I was in the middle of cutting "Joe! SHUAAA ZHAAA MAAANNN" when my machine started doing some really strange things. Now it won't start.

Key question:
Should I look forward a few years and start laughing now to save myself some grief?

In the voice of the narrator from "Word On The Street": "Have you ever felt like taking a sledgehammer to your favourite toys?"

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I've now spent the last half hour playing Mr. Computer Repairman rather than actually working on the DVD. It won't boot. I'm getting a "windows could not start because the following file(s) is missing or corrupt windows\system32\config\system"...

Now I'm not the greatest geek in the world, but I've narrowed it down to hardware because:
1) I can't start either of my Windows XP partitions (I have a separate Windows XP installation for my normal PC use and for my recording projects). It's unlikely that both registries would get fried in a day
2) I can't even install Windows or get the wonderful Windows XP installation process started using the Windows Installation CD
3) A lot of other people seem to be having this problem and saying that going away for 4-5 hours and then rebooting again seems to fix the problem, albeit temporarily.

Call me uptight/intolerant/a grouch/impatient/aggresive/manic, whatever, but this is just ridiculous. We're talking about a couple thousand smackers (quid/bucks/sacks of rice/bushels of potatoes... choose your currency) worth of machinery here. Why can't it just bleeding work!?!?!?

Grr... Anyway. I'm going to bed. We'll see if it's any better in the morning.

Happy New Year? Bleh.... This 2007 thing is over-rated