Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ubersize Me

This is a ridiculous way to spend the weekend...


But then it's not quite as impressive as our largest roti canai/longest teh tarik/smelliest durian. You can only get media coverage and have your name published in a book of records for this kinda thing here in Malaysia.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ach crivens!

For those who've been visiting this desert wasteland since the old days (last year la) and noticed my Catch:22 preview... Well.. I haven't finished it yet (August 2009 is still some time off). I think I went insane for awhile and had to start reading childrens' books to compensate. Having said that... Childrens' books aren't half bad.

I just finished reading "The Wee Free Men" about a month ago and I must say it was lots of fun! Not quite as dark or clever as the "normal" (as far as worlds being held on the backs of elephants standing on the back of a turtle that swims through space can be considered normal) Discworld stuff, but still worth a good few laughs.

Most of my favourite bits involve Feegles talking.. Here are some examples:
-"They can tak' oour lives but they cannae tak' oour troousers!"
-"Ach, stick it up yer trakkans!"
-"I could murder a kebab! "
-"Ach, here's a headful o' dandruff for ye, ye bogle"
-"Crivens! I kicked meself in ma ain heid!"

Interestingly, wikipedia lists their "see alsos" as Braveheart and the Smurfs (come to think about it now, the smurfs kinda freak me out... A happy community of little topless blue men with only one old fogey and one woman... Someone once suggested that they may be gay)

I'm to the second book now... "A Hatful of Sky". Will post something about it here if it's worth it and if I can be bothered.

Argh... Saturday's over already.. Tomorrow's MONDAY
As the Nac Mac Feegle would say: "Oh waily, waily, waily!"

Been awhile....

It's been some time since I last visited this place. Come to think about it, it's also been some time since I last picked up my guitar just for fun...

Funny how you can just stop doing the things you enjoy and not think about it at all.

Hmm... Makes me kinda wonder if I do this for myself or for the handful of people who actually stop by this dump and spare some time to read my random babblings. Probably a bit of both. And I'll probably require some motivation from both to keep me going.

So if you've stopped by here hoping to pick up some pearls of wisdom/to laugh at my stupidity/because you really have nothing better to do with your life... and found that there ACTUALLY IS a new post, then do post a little comment. We all need a bit of a push sometimes.